Learn What Causes Cancer and How to Prevent Getting Cancer!

What are the causes of cancer? Everybody would like to know the answer to this question, because cancer seems to be invincible and once you get cancer, you are considered to have very little chance to make it. Understanding the main causes of cancer is the first and most important step in preventing and also treating cancer. One you understand what cancer is and how it works, then you can do a great deal to make sure you never get this deadly disease.Frankly, cancer is not actually a disease as such. It is simply that your own body cells have assumed abnormal function, which is due to damage to their normal functioning. They are abnormal cells that have to be brought under control. People do not know this, but the body actually produces cancerous cells by the thousands every single day. But in most occasions the normal and healthy cells take care of these cancerous cells. When the normal cells no longer can keep the cancerous cells under control, then you are diagnosed with cancer.It takes many years for the cancer to develop to the point where it can actually be detected. Lifestyle is the number one cause of cancer and a change in lifestyle is necessary to beat cancer and also to keep it under control. When you do not change your lifestyle, then the cancer can easily return, because the conditions for it to return are good. Even when you are able to cure cancerous tumor with surgery or chemotherapy, then the tumor can still return, because the tumor itself is only a symptom.A strong and healthy immune system is the key to treating and preventing cancer. You can think of cancer as a chronic disease that stays with you for life. When you change your lifestyle to the positive and keep your immune system strong, then cancer can not live under such conditions. But once the bad habits and lifestyle come back, the cancer has much better conditions to grow.One of the major problems with conventional cancer treatments is that they destroy the immune system, instead of making it stronger. This is a major reason why cancer seems to come back and when it does, the cancer cells are far more aggressive.Proper diet and exercise is vital to treating cancer. Not to mention the fact that the vast majority of people do not get enough essential vitamins and minerals. I am sure your diet is far from what it could be, you can always exercise more and most certainly you are not getting enough vital vitamins and minerals.